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Why Online Stores Fail

 by ryan on 17 Jan 2013 |
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  Why Online Stores Fail and 10 Steps to Keep You from Joining Them     It is all too often that a person will dive into the world of online commerce, with ambitions of becoming a coffee shop millionaire right after they get their store front up. ...

Is Design the Most Important Factor in my E-commerce Store?

 by brian on 14 Jan 2013 |
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Design has a vital place in the structure of any online business or organisations store front, though most experts would certainly agree that it is not the most important element in the whole process. is a fantastic example of this. Th...

3 SEO Myths Uncovered

 by brian on 08 Jan 2013 |
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In the world of Search Engine Optimisation, it's vital to understand the common myth's and assumptions that can sometimes lead businesses and marketers off track. By solving the mystery of SEO Myth's, you have an opportunity to put yourself ahead of ...

5 tips to save money on your PPC campaign

 by brian on 18 Dec 2012 |
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1. Set Your Goals BEFORE You Start Marketing No matter what aspect of your business you're working on, your intentions and goals are the most important place to start. Without designing your businesses goals, you'll be walking into everything ...

Turning the Latest Trend into Money

 by brian on 12 Nov 2012 |
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  Turn the Latest Trend into Money A new catch phrase, pulled from a song, accurately defines market research. “10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will.” Now, the odds are good that the musician merely parroted ...

Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking is now Active!

 by brian on 30 Oct 2012 |
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Google Analytics E-commerce tracking has just been launched today. With this feature you will be able to track detailed information about the orders placed in your website and be able to measure the ROI of your marketing spend better.   In order t...

Version 3.6 - New features

 by brian on 12 Oct 2012 |
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Early this week, Ashop launched version 3.6. With it came a range of new features that merchants have been eagerly awaiting. If you'd like to learn more about how to use and where to find these new improvements, you've cliked to the right page. ...

How Internet Security Certificates Increase Conversion Rates

 by zack on 03 Oct 2012 |
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At this point, most of us have spent money on the internet. Unfortunately, some of us have been the victims of online fraud as well. To the users who lack due diligence the internet is full of piracy laden pitfalls that can hoodwink shoppers o... website redesign plus mascot is launched

 by brian on 17 Aug 2012 |
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When you’re an ecommerce business, you’re either evolving and growing, or dying. So in the spirit of evolution, the Ashop team decided we need a revamp. Our website is stage one and then we'll start to undergo the giant task of your admin panel look...

Social Commerce and How It's Impacting eCommerce

 by brian on 09 Aug 2012 |
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What might have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago, the idea of selling goods or services directly from social sites such as Facebook has taken off in a big way. But while many e-commerce site owners are worried that this new phenomenon may cut ...
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