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The following are all long term, real customers giving Ashop their seal of approval.

Ashop has been great for our business.

When we were looking for a system to put us on the web we looked at many companies but went with ashop. Ashop has allowed our business to grow.

At the start we used Ashop because it was simple and something we could do ourselves with little financial outlay. Recently, with our business growing, we decided to refresh our website but wanted to stay within Ashop.

We found a graphic designer that could add a more polished look to our graphics and gave our website a facelift all within the Ashop system. This facelift has boosted sales by 300% and still we find the system is still great for us.

We could not recommend this system more highly.

Shona Eastman

I'd just like to say a BIG thank you to the Ashop team and congratulate you on an incredible piece of software.
Having made the decision to completely rebuild our website and move away from our existing catalog software (very popular and very expensive) I decided to give Ashop a try.
I signed up for the 10 day free trial and within 5 days I knew this was the right product and upgraded to the full package. I'm pretty competent with web design and seo techniques and found it incredibly easy to use Ashop's software. Occasionally I would need to contact Ashop via their live support or support ticket and have been completely satisfied by their prompt help and support.

I've incorporated various features within my website which are not directly available from within the software, like an image upload facility and customer gallery, but they integrate seamlessly.

Ashop is also very SEO friendly in its structure - Now get this - In under 4 weeks I completely rebuilt the website under a new domain name, got it fully indexed by Google and attained various top 10 listings for my chosen keywords! - Thats right in under 4 weeks!

If you're seriously considering an online shop then I would highly recommend that you give Ashop a try - I wasted days evaluating just about every shopping cart option out there - don't waste your time doing the same. You get 10 days to evaluate the software - you'll know its the right choice within the first few days.

I now have plans for a second online shop and will have no hesitation in using Ashop.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Gary Christian


Hi there,

My name is Kate Crosby. We have a shopping cart with Ashop called - went ‘live’ mid December 07.

I actually wanted to put pen to paper (or keyboard to printer) to praise your company.
I have been the first to jump on the phone or email when something went wrong (9 out of 10 it was fault at our end) but your staff (especially Brian) have been very quick to respond to all my enquiries and problems! So its only fair that I repay the favour!

The whole experience with Ashop has been A+, from the ease of setting up the shop to the user-friendly lay out and easy and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.

Many web designers/programmers warned us against going with a ‘ready made, templated e-commerce site’, all offering their list of reasons... Ashop - you have proved them very wrong.
We did many months research into what shopping cart we wanted or whether we should get one designed - we then came across Ashop. Thank goodness we did, we certainly made the best choice!

Its been a truly unique experience to deal with such a professional company that actually delivers what it promises. You certainly have exceeded our expectations - Thank You So Much!

Have a fantastic day

Kate Crosby

Love the easy navigation of Ashop. I didn't know much about building a website, but the templates are so easy to use. It is also nice having the live online tech support to help you out when you have an arrrgggggghhhhh moment

Bethany Newling

Ashop has done more for my online lead generation in six weeks, than my previous website did in two years!

At the end of the day that is what your online business is all about, generating leads and making sales. Ashop does it, simple.

I have been an Ashop customer for about a year now, starting with a simple online store. I was a little hesitant and cautious as I had not had very much success with online trading, and I wanted more control over the content of my site.

I was very pleased with how easy the shopping cart was to set up and design, and how helpful the Ashop staff were. The support and back up are second to none, with offices in the UK and the USA as well as Australia, even if it is the middle of the night where you are, there is usually someone to help answer a dumb question using the online support. Yes your questions are answered by real people!

Since that time I have opened 3 more Ashop shopping carts: – A retail online store selling karate merchandise to an international marketplace. Ashop has features like “Currency selection” which means my international customers can choose the currency they want to deal in, and the whole shop changes automatically. The shopping cart is simple and secure, and I have never had a customer have any trouble using the checkout system. – A store I have built for one of my clients, so their franchisees can buy merchandise directly from me and bypass head office, saving time, money and hassle for my client and their franchisees. – This is my main business site, which I use in “catalogue mode”, a feature I can activate with a click of my mouse that turns my Ashop store into a catalogue rather than a shopping cart. Ashop designed this store for me in around seven working days, this is the only store I had them design for me, and I was very pleased with the end result.

The four different types of stores I use demonstrate the versatility of the Ashop shopping cart software, I can’t imagine there are many businesses that couldn’t benefit from this type of store, even if you don’t need an online store, you can create an online catalogue or information site that is totally under your control and Google friendly.

Ashop is:

- Cheap
- Easy to use
- Versatile
- Secure
- Search engine friendly
- Browser friendly
- Marketing friendly
- (and most of all) Sales friendly

There is no reason why Ashop can’t improve anyone’s business.


Bren Ryan

Earlier this year, we decided to expand our retail business to embrace the seemingly limitless opportunities offered by the world wide web.

In doing so, it was imperative that we sourced and enlisted the services of a professional and technologically advanced organization to assist in meeting our needs.

Our criteria was simple! Find the most user-friendly, flexible and secure shopping cart facility that also offers an experienced backend team to assist in the creation and development of the site and, after all that, is also able to provide valuable ongoing marketing guidance to ensure strong traffic.

And I’m pleased to say, we found it all in Ashop.

After just a few short weeks in the development phase, The Red Carpet was launched in March this year. We are delighted with the growth of the business since that time, due in no small way to the team at Ashop.

It is with pleasure that we recommend the services and products of Ashop and look forward to a successful partnership with them for many years to come.

Judy Cain
division of
Special Arrangement Pty Ltd

After having an online presence for a number of years we realized our shopping cart system was in dire need of updating. Being fairly net savvy, I spent an enormous amount of time looking at all possibilities before committing to what would be our store front for the next few years. I didn’t want to make a mistake and need to re do the shopping cart/website again so I was prepared to take some time and put in the effort to get things right. I expected to have to deal with a US based company which can be difficult with support services so when I came across ashop I was hoping that they might be able to deliver a comparable product to some of the large US companies.

What I found was a product and service FAR EXCEDING anything I had come across in all my time on the net. The product is so user friendly and simple that it now means I can delegate updates to others whilst I’m away or unavailable. The features this shopping cart has are second to none. Everything you need and more is available and makes this product perfect for all levels of companies.

The service offered by the team at ashop is what impressed me the most though. Building a shopping cart is a major investment in time for your online business and there are so many facets to them. Brian and the team where always there to assist me and always replied to my emails quickly with the right answer. Online help and the ability to jump on the phone were a major advantage as well. Quite often I would email the company a question and they would ring me rather than just reply by email as they wanted to make sure the query was addressed properly.

The biggest compliment I can pay the ashop team is the one that is the most important to my business, my customer’s satisfaction and my online sales. I was staggered in the difference the ashop site made over my old online site. My sales went up dramatically and my customers constantly comment on the usability and look of the site. Again, the guys at ashop helped out there and I would highly recommend their design service as it made a massive difference to the look and feel of my site.

If anyone is considering a new shopping cart I couldn’t recommend ashop any higher. A great product and fantastic company to deal with.


Scott Linklater

We had looked at many shopping cart systems but we weren’t sure how they worked and how easy they are to use as well as change. We then found Ashop. Ashop had an admin demo panel that allowed us to see how you add products and many of the other features. This then convinced us to try the 10 day free trial which was pain free, it required very little set up on our part and within minutes we could have already been selling to the public. Using the trial we found it incredibly easy to add products, categories and get the desired look of the site.

The reason it is so easy is because the software has a basic structure that you can easily add to. You don’t need to know anything about html code or web design, Ashop provides a very easy to use solution.
As we have expanded our product range we have changed many categories and titles, which only takes a few seconds, this simple step has also help with our Google rankings as we learn more about how rankings work we are able to alter our website easily, to take advantage and climb the rankings

The best part about Ashop is the support, if we ever need any help or advice we can contact them through their live help feature, allowing us to get instant responses and immediate advice.

When we were looking at other shopping cart solutions we were quoted in the thousands of dollars, and there was really no way to try the systems first. Ashop has a monthly payment structure from just $99 reducing the initially set up costs, and the 10 day free trial was what convinced us to try and then buy.

Another great thing about Ashop is that they are continually working on the system by adding new advanced features (eg sales reports and payment methods) without interrupting your sales.

In the 5 months we have used Ashop our sales have consistently grown 10-20% per month, however as Ashop is so easy to use the work load is basically the same as the first month.

Ashop has provided us with a fantastic solution that is exactly what we wanted, our sales have consistently grown, and as we rise in the rankings they will grow further. We are now in the top 10 for most of our keyword thanks to Ashop’s SEO optimized cart.

Thank You


I firstly would like to say it has been a pleasure in dealing with your company, I realize that at times we have been a demanding client, especially due to the amount of communications which were being had on a daily basis. All of your team have bee extremely helpful and friendly even when we have required additional work to be done.

As you are aware we have had a bad experience in the past with other another company in your industry prior to consulting with ashop. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and will happily recommend you and provide references to any of your future clients if required.


When we first looked to open our own Online Store, we spent a good chunk of money with a developer, getting an XXCOMMERCE cart modified. The front page looked great, but when we came to actually list all of our items, with so many different variations in colours and sizes, it proved to be all too hard!

We soldiered on using Ebay for a long time, but the fees started to mount up to a point where we HAD to get off our bums and open a store.

We then went in search of a better online shopping cart solution via a Google search.

Lo and behold we found ASHOP after a week or two of trialling various software and solution providers.

The ASHOP system is by far the EASIEST and MODIFIABLE system we have found yet.

Over the 10 day free trial period, we had managed to completely build our store, tailor the look and feel, put in our own shipping rates, and even load every item we had in stock in ALL their variations. This was done over only a few hours a night.

We had no hesitation of flicking the switch on and paying our monthly fee to go live.

Within 3 days, we'd had enough orders to pay for the first months costs - all the rest was going to be profit !

The support given by Brian and the team is terrific. A simple call and each question is answered quickly and simply.

Given that we had some technical knowledge to start with, the system was very easy to use. The downloadable manual will help those that are not so savvy, and it can be read from cover to cover within a few hours.

We haven't even started using the Newsletter generator yet, but that alone will be worth the monthly fee in the ability to market directly to our customers on a personal level.

ASHOP - Its a bloody good system !


Wayne and Litsa

I wish you guys every success. You do everything properly and strive to make things better than they were. Excellent!


Thanks for letting me know the store holding offer; however, I probably won't open the store
again within a short period of time until my little one is bit older (he's now 5 months old). It's been great dealing with Ashop and to be honest, I've been very happy with the software and your service. I will definitely use you again in the future.

Thanks again.

The Knittery

One of our most important decisions in launching an online retail business was choosing the shopping cart software that would drive it. We knew we had to offer our clients a convenient, streamlined service with the ability to pay online via credit card or direct deposit. Everything about the process had to be professional if our customers were to recognise us as reliable, safe and trustworthy.

We conducted extensive research before launching , meeting with consultants and talking to as many informed people as possible in order to learn what we could about e-commerce systems. These conversations led us to believe we needed a custom solution to create the site we wanted, a service that would cost thousands of dollars and which was economically unviable for , which as a start up business could not afford the cost risk.

Then we discovered Ashop! The flexibility incorporated into the platform provided by Ashop makes it possible to build a remarkably individual site. The shopping cart software is user friendly and once the initial framework is established, the site may be quickly built. Importantly, help is readily available, and I can say from personal experience it is both patient and friendly.

Ashop meets all the requirements of a professional site, including security, automated confirmations, rapid download and online tracking, to name a few.

Site administration is straightforward and Ashop's multiple report generation options make managing easier.

Based on our experience in building and launching, we have no hesitation and much pleasure in recommending Ashop to any prospective subscribers. It represents a high-end, cost effective, professional solution for anyone seriously contemplating an e-tailing business.

Suzie Ibbetson

Ashop commerce site has been fantastic for our business. With sales of almost $2 million generated in 18 months, the simplicity of the Ashop system allowed us to do most of our design and online commerce in-house. This has saved us a fortune and I highly recommend the system.'

Tony Melvin, Author.

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