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Content marketing for ecommerce: 3 Common Pitfalls

 by ryan on 21 Mar 2014 |
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Content marketing for ecommerce is often very difficult for those who are just starting their businesses, as there a lot of things that can go wrong and derail their efforts. However, knowing these pitfalls and how to solve them even before they happen will certainly come in handy later. Here are some of these for you to keep in mind of.

Pitfall 1: Publishing only when you like it

Okay, so being the owner of the blog or other content outlet guarantees that you can publish anytime. However, doing so based only on your whim is not the proper way to go. For one, your readers will likely lose interest, since they don’t have all the time to wait for your next post. And you will eventually fall behind competitors who have a more frequent posting schedule.

Here, you are probably saying “But I don’t know what to publish on a regular basis.” This is where Liz Goodwin says that having an editorial calendar is handy. For those not familiar with it, an editorial calendar is a schedule of potential content that you will be publishing for a given period of time. By having an editorial calendar, you can plan out ahead when to release a particular content for maximum effectiveness. This way, you don’t have to worry whether or not you have something to release on a frequent basis.

Pitfall no. 2: Making it all about you

Content marketing for ecommerce is often concerned with selling your goods or services to the audience. However, as explained by Debbie Williams, what you actually write shouldn’t be just all that. In fact, your content is going to go a greater mile with your readers if it isn’t all about how great your brand is, but rather how readers can make the most out of it. Potential customers will more likely make their purchases if they find something of bigger value to convince them.

And to step up with the “it should not be all about you” idea, feel free to mention other brands in your content. This might sound counterintuitive, but doing so opens the opportunity to do cross-promotions with other businesses, as these other businesses will be more than willing to mention you in return. This will give you some extra mileage for your promotions. Of course, make sure to carefully select only those brands that are closely related to yours.

Pitfall no. 3: Not knowing if it actually works.

Moazzam Adnan explains why this particular mistake occurs quite commonly

“Because just producing the content can feel like enough of a challenge, companies often focus more heavily on output than on the effectiveness of their efforts. “

Even if you have a captive audience, that doesn’t guarantee that they effectively receive your content. Thus, it is important for you to come up with metrics to help you measure how well it works. Also keep in mind that content marketing for ecommerce is no “build and leave” affair, you have to constantly be on top of things to make sure it does.

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