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March 2013

How to Handle Refunds, Returns and Lost Orders

 by zack on 28 Mar 2013 |
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  Part of any online store’s overhead is the cost of returns and lost orders. Consumers are finicky and prone to fits of indecisive action. Out of every hundred purchases, you’re bound to have at least a few returns. You need to prepare according...

Why and How to use CSEs when Marketing Your Products Online

 by zack on 22 Mar 2013 |
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Have you ever felt like your online store is missing something? Like there’s just some special ingredient to your business plan? If these sound like thoughts you’ve been entertaining, then chances are you haven’t looked into CSE marketing just yet....

5 Search Engine Optimization Tools that Every Online Marketer Should Explore

 by zack on 11 Mar 2013 |
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  Search engine optimization is a difficult and complex process. It takes a great deal of study to grasp it, and a great deal of experience to do it well. Not every ecommerce business has the resources in their budgets to go after a high level sear...

Online Theft and Other Frauds: What to Look Out For, and How to Handle it

 by zack on 05 Mar 2013 |
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   It’s a sad fact, but a hard truth that you have to set aside a certain part of your budget to account for the fraudulent activities that will inevitably occur in the  rocess of conducting ecommerce business. While it’s certainly unavoidable tha...
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