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February 2012

Google Analytics Integration and Conversion Tracking

 by ryan on 21 Feb 2012 |
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We all know how important it is to track and analyse your site traffic, but it's not always so easy to set it up.   This is where Ashop Commerce Google Analytics integration comes in. It's a few very simple steps to enable tracking from both your Ashop admin panel directly as well as more detail from your Analytics account login.    You can now draw data from your Google Analytics account to your Ashop admin in basic form, essentially it's to monitor your traffic flow at a glance. Follow the instructions here to set up your integration.  This will automatically replace the more basic data provided by Ashop.   The same setup will also allow Google to gather more information from your online store including site referrals, cross domain tracking, goal tracking/funneling and conversion reports. Now that the core integration is complete, Ashop will be allowing more data to be passed which will open up more detailed analysis through Google such as Ecommerce Conversion Tracking.     This is the Google Analytics settings page:        
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