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March 2014

Introducing the Ashop Marketplace – more traffic and sales for merchants

 by sinan on 27 Mar 2014 |
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We’re really excited to announce the beta-launch of, our brand new Marketplace showcasing our merchants’ products. One of the main bits of feedback we’ve been hearing from eCommerce merchants is how challenging it can be to generate quali...

Content marketing for ecommerce: 3 Common Pitfalls

 by ryan on 21 Mar 2014 |
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Content marketing for ecommerce is often very difficult for those who are just starting their businesses, as there a lot of things that can go wrong and derail their efforts. However, knowing these pitfalls and how to solve them even before they hap...

Social Media for business: 5 new channels to explore

 by wai on 13 Mar 2014 |
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  Social Media is a great way for business owners to build a community around their customers and products. It lets your customers stay up to date with important information and allows you to show a ‘personal side’ to your brand identity. There ar...

Facebook for Online Stores: 2 New Developments in Facebook Advertising

 by ryan on 06 Mar 2014 |
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Facebook has recently made great strides in sharpening its advertising options and better targeting its ads. Eager to compete with Google for precious online advertising dollars, Facebook is working hard to use its tremendous wealth of personal in...
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