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October 2011

Upgrade to V3

 by brian on 13 Oct 2011 |
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We’re pleased to announce, on the 6th of October 2011, Ashop Commerce has completed an upgrade to V3. Major versions are updated based on the scale of work to the system. For example, this version comprises not only of a few additional features, general improvements and bug fixes, but also a complete system rewrite.   While most of the upgrade is "under the hood", I’ll take you through a list of more noticeable changes below. For now, here's an outline of the purpose for the upgrade as well as the outcome and moving forward. Purpose Nine months ago, V2 was released and as many of you know, there were headaches associated. The more general cause behind this was due to a completely new platform, built from scratch with the addition of transferring old to new when each platform was using a different language (ASP to .Net plus CSS for themes). Once V2 was fixed up, we could move on to improvements. V3 mainly comprised of a rewrite, the purpose being, to allow for a faster database setup and storefront speeds. In addition, we added updates to external scripts used in the admin and storefronts (not to get techie). Outcome As many of you noticed, stage 1 performance updates were released with considerable speed improvements, this will continue over the next few weeks. Over 50 bugs were fixed up, a range of new features were released and a new app based model came into play. Improvement list Here’s a quick list of some improvements we’ve made as a start for this new version. Performance increases. Numerous updates being release each week from now. App based model. We’re changing the setup so you only pay for what you use. It’s now possible to buy app bundles at a few different levels and only buy the extra apps you may require such as more products (250 pack) or the new Google Adwords integration. We’ll release more information on new features via Facebook. New features released or coming very soon. Google Adwords integration to manage your account directly from your admin, Ebay integration (soon) and Ashop footer link removal. We’ve now started work on mobile storefronts, zone based shipping options and more. Moving Forward We’re excited about the new performance and increasing stability of the system. Now, with major upgrades behind us, the future focus will be mainly on current feature improvements and new innovative features. There’s a list of over 80 filtered features that are currently being prioritised and you’ll all be notified close to the release of each one. We look forward to informing you of ongoing improvements each month and hope to hear your feedback via the forum, blog or Facebook
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