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4 eCommerce marketing ideas that you might not have tried yet

 by wai on 16 Apr 2014 |
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When it comes to eCommerce, one of the biggest challenges that merchants face is traffic and visibility – just how do I put my products in front of targeted consumers?

Most merchants will have some sort of marketing plan in place, whether it’s emails, newsletters subscribers, pay-per-click advertising, social media or a combination of all of the above. These efforts help improve awareness, boost a site’s visibility and direct more traffic to your store.

Meanwhile, if you’re after sales and more orders, there are a number of other eCommerce channels that will bring customers directly to your site.

Online Marketplaces – probably the most popular platform for eCommerce are online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, etsy and the recent media darling, Alibaba. On these sites merchants usually pay a fee to list their products for sale or auction and then pay a commission on the successful sale. Competition can be pretty stiff on these sites, but many merchants find that listing on a number of different marketplaces can be a very successful way to boost sales.

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Price Comparison Sites – these sites put retailers’ products side by side, so they’re easy to compare. Some of the popular ones include PriceGrabber, and Getprice (in Australia). These sites list prices for specific products from their retailers. Many merchants find these sites are great traffic generators for stores, but some may find it tough going if they don’t compete on price.

Daily Deal and Group Buying Sites – Groupon, Our Deal, LivingSocial and more - these group buying sites were all the rage back in 2010 when daily deal sites first exploded onto scene. However, lack of customer loyalty and smaller merchants unable to meet demands means some of the rabid enthusiasm for these discount sites has muted. However, some merchants still find success in group buying arrangements including FMCG products, event tickets and fast-food offers. Business owners need to be selective in the discounts and offers that they put forward on these sites.

Set up an Affiliate program – setting up an affiliate program means having other savvy digital residents promote your products for you, and you only pay commission for a successful referral. For small businesses, joining an affiliate network is an easy option rather than setting up their own independent affiliate program – there are many to choose from including LinkShare, Commission Junction and ClixGalore (based in Australia).

What’s worked for your business? 


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