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October 2013

Blog Comments: Do’s and Don’ts to Drive Customer Engagement

 by zack on 26 Oct 2013 |
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  Blog commenting is an invaluable link building resource for your website. Interacting with blog followers allows you to form a sense of community among your readers, as well as improve your brand image. Working on a corporate blog, however, can be...

Undermining the Unsubscribes: How to Keep Access to your Contact’s Inbox

 by zack on 21 Oct 2013 |
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Business is booming. Sales are up, revenues are high, and life is good. Yep, it looks like another day in paradise, but what’s this? An ominous report crosses your desk: customers are unsubscribing to your email list in massive numbers! It’s like q...

Understanding Your Target Market

 by zack on 12 Oct 2013 |
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  One of the most oft repeated caveats in any ecommerce business plan, is to understand and engage with a target audience. This certainly sounds like common sense. Any self-respecting hunter has to understand the behavior of their prey. A fisherman ...

The Biggest Content Marketing Mishaps

 by zack on 05 Oct 2013 |
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  We all make mistakes. It's how we learn and grow. Still, if you can avoid messing up, it's certainly an advisable thing to do. One of the most common areas for ecommers misteps is in the arena of content marketing. Today, the Ashop blog endeavo...
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