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April 2014

4 eCommerce marketing ideas that you might not have tried yet

 by wai on 16 Apr 2014 |
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When it comes to eCommerce, one of the biggest challenges that merchants face is traffic and visibility – just how do I put my products in front of targeted consumers? Most merchants will have some sort of marketing plan in place, whether it’s email...

5 tips for Blogging for Business: What to write about

 by wai on 10 Apr 2014 |
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A few weeks ago, we discussed the 6 benefits of business blogging. But for many, while the advantages of blogging are clear enough – the challenge becomes creating enough content on a regular basis. Just how do you decide what to blog about? In th...

Shutting Down Product Meta Keywords (Plus 3 SEO Tips for your store)

 by wai on 02 Apr 2014 |
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Some of our merchants may have logged into their Product Details and suddenly wonder ‘Hey, where did my Keywords go?’ Here’s the lowdown on what’s happened with SEO Keywords. Meta-keywords are no longer useful. Search engines like Google and Bin...
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