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July 2011

What are the most important SEO steps I should take?

 by ryan on 25 Jul 2011 |
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We've put together a very brief summary of the most important steps you should take when starting your SEO campaign for your new online store. This is simply to head amateurs in the right direction. If you're after the full story in detail, click here for more    Keyword Analysis Choosing the right keyword is pivotal to your SEO campaign. If you're opening a new online store, stick to longtail   phrases rather than main keyword phrases. e.g. "Flower shop" is too competitive; try something like "Yellow long stem  roses" This will be less competitive and more targeted. Your chances of a visitor who will convert to a sale is much  higher. Each of your longer phrases should still contain your main keyword "flowers". What do your visitors really want? When choosing what to write about in your site, think about what your visitor would like to read and how it can help   them. For example, if your product page is selling "yellow long stem roses", include some useful content about how to  preserve them, cut them, where to place them, arrange them or what other flowers they look nice with. Write or get good content articles Useful, unique and well written content not only helps your visitors, but also search engines. The recent Google Panda  update focussed on web spam, getting rid of or demoting sites with poor quality or duplicate content. If you simply  write generic product info or copy from your manufacturers website, don't expect great SEO results. Google recently published an article about writing good quality content for your website. Site Map & webmaster tools Upload your sitemap to Google webmaster tools. You store's sitemap is auto generated after your domain name e.g. The same can be done for Yahoo and Bing. This basically tells search engines all your pages it can index. Link building Build some quality links. Quality is a broad definition and to describe this briefly, it referrs to related links from   related sites with good quality content. i.e. not spammy sites with loads of outbound links. Some examples just to get  your started are; Paid, related directories Well established and related Forums (get involved in discussions in your industry and place a link in your signature) Article submission services like Social book marking sites like and see more

The new Ashop Commerce Facebook Social Store integration is ready.

 by ryan on 11 Jul 2011 |
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For the last month the team have been working on a new type of Facebook Store integration.  Previously, the definition of a Social Store in Facebook referred to a simple data feed where there was a product list with links back to the product on your normal store. This is a standard operation for most shopping cart software's, however with the recent release of another company making complete stores within Facebook only, Ashop chose to take this to a new level.   This time we've created a complete store with order processing and store navigation all within you and your friends Facebook profiles, all for free! The Ashop Commerce Social Store is a clone of your normal store except for the template which is governed by parameters within Facebook. All your categories, brands, custom pages, products and more will all be accessible to show off.   How do customers purchase from my Social Store? Your Social Store is an App that you need to create within Facebook. Your App can then be added to any Facebook profile, where your customers then purchase from. It's similar to all those games you see in Facebook that you add to your profile to play. It takes a matter of seconds for anyone to add your store app to their profile and continue to a purchase anytime, anywhere. Customers who are your biggest fans no longer need to purposefully visit your online store, they are delivered your store every time they log into Facebook. What better advertising is there than that?? You can advertise your App within Facebook, or you can simply invite friends to install your App. Each time a friend installs your App or purchases from it, a post will be made on their wall. More fantastic marketing exposure for your store and brand name. Here's a preview of a mock-up store. (logo is customisable)   We hope the new Social Store App brings your store to a new level in social networking. Please feel free to leave some feedback on your experience.  
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