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July 2013

Measure Your Success Using Revenue Per Visitor

 by zack on 27 Jul 2013 |
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  Today we’re going to talk about a very important, but often overlooked metric: Revenue Per Visitor. RPV for short, this metric is probably one of the most helpful yet least understood metrics around. It averages out the revenue you’re producing...

Helpful Hints for a High Converting Landing Page

 by zack on 26 Jul 2013 |
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    Just like the design, color, layout, and imagery used in a website can manipulate a viewer’s emotions, so to can well written copy. There are a few highly touted strategies in this regard. In no particular order, they are: urgency, scarcity, f...

High Converting Landing Page Design Tips

 by zack on 25 Jul 2013 |
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There are so many different aspects to a successful sales funnel, that the final step of reeling in a conversion often gets overlooked. Landing pages are the final destinations for your customers on the circular sales cycle. You need to make sure y...

Conversion Conversations

 by zack on 22 Jul 2013 |
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As an ecommerce marketer, your number one priority should always be to maximize the conversion rates of your online store. That means you need to focus on your online conversion optimization. This is the final step in your sales funnel, and in...

Metric Measurement Mishaps

 by zack on 20 Jul 2013 |
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So in the last post we established how important it is to keep track of relevant marketing metrics. We even went so far as to suggest a few of which most every marketer should take note. But what happens when you’re tracking too many metrics and ...

Meaningful Metric Measurements for Your Online Store

 by zack on 19 Jul 2013 |
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It’s no secret that the Ashop blog has a vested interest in metric measurement. It’s a huge part of our online store creation platform. However, there’s a reason we built it that way. Learning what your business is currently capable of and where ...

Canvasing Successful Content Strategies 2:

 by zack on 17 Jul 2013 |
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Welcome back to Ashop’s 2-part post series on putting together a successful content strategy. Last time we asked the question: what is content strategy, and what are some of the research intricadies involved? Today we’ll continue to discuss resea...

Canvasing Successful Content Strategies Part 1

 by zack on 17 Jul 2013 |
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You hear the slogans all the time. Content is King! Content strategy is an essential element to ecommerce success! So on and so forth. What you don’t hear is the truth: Content development and the strategy behind it are complex, overwhelming, and...

3 Awesome Examples of Twitter Marketing

 by zack on 12 Jul 2013 |
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  The last two posts in our series have illustrated what a powerful venue Twitter advertising can be. It’s an excellent way to engage your audience online, and gain greater influence by increasing the amount of Twitter followers for your business....

Twitter Targeting: Hashtags and Other Tools

 by zack on 11 Jul 2013 |
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Much of the entrepreneurial anxiety surrounding the use of Twitter for businesses is associated with these hip little things called Hashtags. I say “hip,” because they just randomly started appearing in Facebook, a completely different social me...
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