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August 2013

Building Brand Loyalty and Annihilating Customer Attrition

 by zack on 24 Aug 2013 |
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  In the world of ecommerce, it’s very common to be concerned with attracting unique visitors. Online retailers are always looking for big injections of new capital to keep their businesses expanding. And there’s nothing wrong with this line of thin...

Your ROI: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

 by zack on 20 Aug 2013 |
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Very few metrics are more important than your ROI. Return of investment is used to determine which of your efforts are producing worthwhile results, as well as those that are turning out to be mainly worthless. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy t...

Ashop Ecommerce Software: Our New UI

 by zack on 12 Aug 2013 |
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  Normally on the Ashop blog we try to stay away from talking ourselves up too much. We aim to be a helpful resource to our customers, not just a hard sell site. But with our brand new user interface having just made its debut, we fee...

Customer Service: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

 by zack on 10 Aug 2013 |
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It’s one of those things that’s so basic it can be easy to overlook, but customer service is really imperative to any ecommerce business. With a saturated online retail market like we have in today’s virtual reality, providing subpar service to y...

Managing Your Marketing Budget Part 2

 by zack on 03 Aug 2013 |
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Welcome back to our post series discussing the best methods to build the perfect marketing budget for your ecommerce business. Last time we talked about calculating ROI and using that to inform your budgetary decisions, as well as a few of the di...

Managing your Marketing Budget

 by zack on 02 Aug 2013 |
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Whether you’re just launching your ecommerce store or you’ve been in business for a while, you still need to constantly reassess your finances and adjust your budget accordingly. More money means more budgeted capital for all, less money means a ...
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