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June 2011

+1 your Online Store today!

 by brian on 06 Jun 2011 |
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Google recently released it's new +1 button. It's a little like a simplified "like" button where you can recommend webpages to your friends when logged in to your Google account. The button will appear on Google search results, adwords listings and on your website if you choose. Visitors who are not logged in to their Google account may still see the +1 button results, but not be able to use it for recommendation. What does +1 mean for you? Google has stated that the +1 will also be used in their search ranking algorithms, so you now have an on-page tool where your happy visitors can directly impact rankings positively on the Google search engine. With Google trending more and more toward social media in their listings and algorithms, the +1 button is their next notable step to filtering out link farm usage. With less ranking manipulation, your popular site has a better opportunity to rank where it's meant to. Similar to the "like" button, the +1 button only registers when the clicker is logged in to their Google account, thus reducing the likelyhood of spamming. Implementation Placing the +1 button on your site is easy with Ashop Commerce. First gather the codes from here. The first code group can be placed to your footer via your theme editor. Open the edit view of your theme and click the "footer" button in the left column. Then click the "source" button at the top left of the new window. Now paste the Google +1 code to the end of the exisiting code. Apply and close. The second code is the actual button code. For this, you need to decide where your button will appear, a popullar one might be a product page. Under your design top menu, select product detail design. Since this section is for advanced users only, if you're not comfortable in selecting where to place the button code please request help from your Ashop Commerce representative, or your designer. +1's Future With Google's +1 button on your product pages, your store visitors can directly signal Google that a particular product is worth recommending to others. This power should boost your products rankings, which is where the real conversions start from. The +1 still has a few kinks to work out, however it's only at the baby stage, so it's true impact is still to come. +1 FAQ's
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