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April 2011

Ashop Commerce reaches Facebook

 by brian on 12 Apr 2011 |
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.CenterSection {padding-top:0px;} .CustomPageBody {padding-top:37px;} As part of the release of Version 2 this month, Ashop Commerce has started to expand its marketing into Facebook with the new fan page is officially LIVE!

 by brian on 12 Apr 2011 |
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If you're one of the thousands of current and potential customers who have been on our waiting list, now's your chance. The new Ashop Commerce [] website is now live and all new trial and signup accounts are running Version 2. Th...

Ashop Commerce Partners with Ezidebit

 by brian on 12 Apr 2011 |
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On December 1st 2010, Ashop Commerce partnered with our new friends at Ezidebit payment processing services. Who is Ezidebit? Ezidebit is a Company that enables Australian Businesses to process online credit card payments. (US and UK partne...

MYOB integration

 by brian on 12 Apr 2011 |
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We're looking for testers for the new seamless MYOB integration software. This software directly integrates so your sales data is fed to and from MYOB accountright and accountplus packages. All customer, product and sale information is updated a...
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