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May 2011

Ashop Commerce is Moving to Rackspace Hosting

 by brian on 17 May 2011 |
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Moving to Rackspace Hosting 2011 is certainly a year of change. Now that version 2 has been rolled out, we're making our next big move to Rackspace Premium hosting. Rackspace is known for its Fanatical SupportTM, Zero-Downtime Network and being the world's best in IT hosting. They have earned Microsoft's coveted Gold Certification and have been recognised three times as its Hosting Provider of the Year. We've partnered with Rackspace for peace of mind. Reliability is a key factor in ecommerce and Rackspace are simply the perfect base for this. Their reliable platform also means Ashop Commerce can focus on better your features and growth, without taking our attention away on hosting issues. Our skills are in software, not hosting, so our range of fileservers, database servers, webservers, load balancers etc deserve to be nurtured only by the best. Start Date/Time of Event: Server changes will occur at the following time; Please note: The change will be fairly instant, however DNS updates may take roughly 2 hours or more for some internet connections, meaning all stores and emails will be offline during this period. As Ashop Commerce is a worldwide company, we've done our best to allocate a changover time based on the lightest server traffic. 22-05-2011,  04:30 - Sydney time  .................................................................... 21-05-2011,  19:30 - London time .................................................................... 21-05-2011,  14:30 - New York time Important Changes | Please Read You may ignore the following details if you have never made any changes regarding IP's in the past. New IP's - Some gateways require our range of checkout IP's be added to their admin console in order to allow access and complete payments. Known gateway company's with this requirement have been updated by Ashop staff, however if you have previously notified your gateway of our IP's, please have them add the following now (keep the current ones too). The subnet Mask for all these IP's is If you have manually found our current IP's and pointed your domain to one of them, please change your setup to use our cname ( instead. This would have already been done when you transferred to the V2 platform for 99% of you and will not be affected. Emails will be transferred over the following day, so if you find some are missing from your webmail account, they will be returning over the following 12 hours and should all be accessible by the Monday morning.   Please don't hesitate to contact Ashop Commerce support if you have any further questions. Kind regards Your Ashop Commerce team..

Google Adwords Integration to Ashop Admin Panel

 by brian on 04 May 2011 |
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This month we wanted to let you know a little more about the new module currently in test phase, "Google Adwords". Google Adwords is an invaluable tool for helping to get a new business marketing off to a start. Marketing a new site can be a laborous and confusing task, which often fails for any range of reasons. Adwords is one of the most commonly used marketing platforms in the world, simply because it brings targeted visitors to your site instantly. You choose the keywords and you set the spend amount. Ashop Commerce has a goal to bring as many main services like this to your admin panel as an all in one ecommerce solution. No running around different admins, it's all together. In this case we've now built all the basic functionality of your Google adwords admin into your Ashop admin, plus so much more! With The Google Adwords module you can easily and quickly manage your account directly from your Ashop admin panel. Features include; "Instant Start" Automatically imports your existing adwords account data after login. "Product Automation" Automated keyword ad pause when product becomes out of stock or offline "Campaign Overview" You can more easily see the stats of your active campaigns and current spend amount. "Optimiser" Create your own rules or use the automated Taguchi methods. Integrated technology like this would otherwise cost you a minimum of $500/month through a professional Adwords authorised agency. Now you can manage it yourself instead. This first of its kind integration to a shopping cart software will be coming out within the next month!  
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