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July 2013

The Top Twitter for Business Marketing Methods

 by zack on 11 Jul 2013 |
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  Social media networks are undoubtedly the next big boon to online advertisers. They serve as an individualized filters. Twitter in particular is personalized specifically to each and every one of its 200,000,000 different users. Smart markete...

Compelling Imagery and Scheduling in Targeted Advertising

 by zack on 07 Jul 2013 |
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Picking right back up from where we left off in our last post about creating effective targeted advertising emails, you want your messages to amiably assail the senses. If you’ve followed the instructions in our last post, your target marketing cont...

Examples of Successful Targeted Email Campaigns

 by zack on 07 Jul 2013 |
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Welcome to the final installment of the Ashop blog series on target marketing email campaigns. In the last two posts we’ve discussed how to construct effective emails using text, images, and smart scheduling. Today we’ll be discussing the merits o...

Create Conversions with Effective Targeted Emails

 by zack on 06 Jul 2013 |
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Writing effective automated emails is an essential element in any behavioral marketing campaign. They carry a kind of quasi-intimate connotation with your clients. One that surmounts many of the usual obstacles one would encounter during such an en...
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