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3 SEO Myths Uncovered

 by brian on 08 Jan 2013 |
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In the world of Search Engine Optimisation, it's vital to understand the common myth's and assumptions that can sometimes lead businesses and marketers off track. By solving the mystery of SEO Myth's, you have an opportunity to put yourself ahead of most of your competition and give your customers a better chance to find you online.
1. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Will Bring More Traffic
This myth has many businesses up in arms because they are not seeing the ROI that they thought they would get from their social media marketing campaigns. Part of this is poor communication on the part of the social marketers, and the rest is a misunderstanding of how Social Media Marketing (SMM), can increase your profits and make your PPC campaigns more powerful.
The truth is that while SMM might increase your return rates from customers who already found your business through search engines, it will not increase your genuine traffic, which would be the new prospects finding your website.
What SMM will actually do for your business, is help you convert the traffic you are already attracting, into loyal customers and referrals. That's what social media networking and marketing is all about - Community Building, not traffic generation.
2. Directory Linking Doesn't Work (not true, only spammy automated submissions don't work)
Actually, submitting your business to directories, is one of the most powerful search engine optimisation methods available, and one of the longest running SEO tactics. Online directories are already using their own PPC campaigns and SEO methods, which can boost your rank in search engines and bring you more authentic traffic.
That being said, just as there is always some truth to every rumor, there is a little bit of truth to this myth. The truth in it, is that there are definitely ways to turn directory linking into an anti-seo tool. In fact, one of the most common mistakes that businesses and marketers make when it comes to directory listing, is that they set up automated submissions that are essentially just poorly written sales copies that get repeated every so often. If that is a method you're using, then it is definitely not working for you, and it is in fact working against you in terms of positive search engine traffic.
3. Meta Tags Matter (with exception)
There have been many myth's floating around throughout the years, about Meta Tags and whether or not they are a meaningful part of the SEO process.
The truth is that since Google Penguin, Meta Tags matter more than ever. That includes your Meta Description and Meta Title. Every search engine today uses those meta tags to help searcher's find you, and if you don't have them filled out at all, most popular search engines will place you lower than the people who just place a bunch of random spammy meta tags on their website.
Apart from news websites, don’t bother with the keyword meta tags at all, See Matt Cutts Video on this topic below,


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