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Hiring a Designer Vs. Designing My Own Website

 by brian on 23 Jan 2013 |
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When it comes to achieving the right design to capture the attention of your customers and keep it, you’ll need to decide whether you are going to design your own website, or if you will be hiring a professional to do it. 
Now, before we get too far into this contemplation, I feel it's important to focus on your level of confidence at this point. If you have the background, the skills and the motivation to design and master your own store front design, then go for it!
Alternatively, if you find that you're not sure you have the patience or the motivation to create an attractive and effective layout, funnel and appearance, then you'll want to seriously consider hiring a professional to complete that process for you.
If you're still on the fence about this decision, we'd like to go through our own little comparison service, which will help you come to a conclusion about one of the most important steps you can take towards achieving a successful income with your digital business.
Hiring a Designer: The Benefits
  • - Professionals offer satisfaction guarantees with their services, which means you won't have to pay a dime if you're not happy with their design.
  • - Professionals are experts at web-design because they have taken the time to sit down and learn the ins and outs of the software and platforms they use. They know exactly where to go to create which effect and they know how to fix most bugs wouldn't completely stump a designer with less experience.
  • - Most professional web-designers are also part-marketer and part-psychic, and they often already understand your niche and the customers you need to impress.
  • - Often, and this depends on your designers fees, the time saved in getting it professionally done means you’re live faster and recovering costs. If you did it yourself, you might be fumbling around for weeks when you could be spending time growing your business.
The Pitfalls
  • COST - From moderate to luxury designers, there will be a price and you will need to pay it when you choose a professional to design your website. If price is a pitfall for you, then you'll want to reconsider designing it yourself, however I suggest start by buying a template and adjusting it rather than starting from scratch.
DIY Web Design: The Benefits
  • - Above all, the best benefit to designing your own website, is that you will know it like the back of your hand by the time you are done. There is no better way to break into the process and build first hand knowledge, than to build your own websites.
  • - Price is another factor that plays into the DIY consideration, as definitely will not need to pay the rising costs of current designers, when you design your own website and store front.
The Pitfalls
  • - TIME - The most common and inhibiting issue with the DIY approach to web design, is that you'll have to spend the time getting to know your designing platform, creating your layout and fixing any errors that can occur throughout the process. If time is an issue for you, this might be enough of a pitfall to suggest it would be more lucrative for you to choose a professional designer.
  • - Troubleshooting is another common pitfall to DIY designs, as you often won't have complete support throughout the process. Even if you go with a company that provides great customer service, there's no guarantee that you will get immediate assistance from your hosting company or that they will be able to help you. It all depends on who you go through, how much you know to start with and how motivated you are to breakthrough any design or functionality challenges you run into along the way.


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