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Doing It Right: Black Friday [Infographic]

 by ryan on 25 Nov 2013 |
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Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the US. If you sell to US customers, you need to dial up your marketing to make the most of it. Black Friday is a great opportunity to attract new customers - consider spending some money on PPC advertisin...

5 Quick Wins To Boost Sales Over The Holiday Season

 by ryan on 19 Nov 2013 |
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The holiday season is nearly upon us! Spruce up your store with these 5 quick tips to gives your sales a boost.   1.  Set Up Abandoned Basket Emails Did you know that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.44%? Scary huh? The bad news i...

New Feature: Conditional Emails (And How To Use Them)

 by ryan on 13 Nov 2013 |
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(Image Source) Today we’re launching a powerful new feature called ‘Conditional Emails’. Unlike newsletters, conditional emails are triggered when a customer does a specific action. Stop and think about the possibilities for a moment. What if you...

How to Write SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions for Your Online Store

 by zack on 04 Nov 2013 |
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  Putting together an online store is an extremely complex process. You’ve got a lot to worry about from start to finish. Content pages, contact forms, user support, frequent updates, auto-responding emails, and so much more. One of the most import...

Blog Comments: Do’s and Don’ts to Drive Customer Engagement

 by zack on 26 Oct 2013 |
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  Blog commenting is an invaluable link building resource for your website. Interacting with blog followers allows you to form a sense of community among your readers, as well as improve your brand image. Working on a corporate blog, however, can be...

Undermining the Unsubscribes: How to Keep Access to your Contact’s Inbox

 by zack on 21 Oct 2013 |
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Business is booming. Sales are up, revenues are high, and life is good. Yep, it looks like another day in paradise, but what’s this? An ominous report crosses your desk: customers are unsubscribing to your email list in massive numbers! It’s like q...

Understanding Your Target Market

 by zack on 12 Oct 2013 |
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  One of the most oft repeated caveats in any ecommerce business plan, is to understand and engage with a target audience. This certainly sounds like common sense. Any self-respecting hunter has to understand the behavior of their prey. A fisherman ...

The Biggest Content Marketing Mishaps

 by zack on 05 Oct 2013 |
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  We all make mistakes. It's how we learn and grow. Still, if you can avoid messing up, it's certainly an advisable thing to do. One of the most common areas for ecommers misteps is in the arena of content marketing. Today, the Ashop blog endeavo...

How to Keep Your Online Store Interactive

 by sinan on 30 Sep 2013 |
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If you spend any significant amount of time in the world of ecommerce, you’ll get to know the buzzword: “interactivity.” That’s because having a successful website means having customers who consistently peruse, browse, shop, and in all other ways ...

The Importance of Visual Content in Marketing

 by zack on 20 Sep 2013 |
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So here’s the deal. Text is boring to most people. It’s necessary, but ultimately very boring for the billions of visually inclined consumers spread throughout the globe. Whitepapers were once the top method of gaining mass conversions. However, s...
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