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Top 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Your Site

 by brian on 30 Jul 2012 |
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One of the best ways to improve your site and the way customers will interact with it is to create a sense of trust. The best place to do that is in the most visible section of your homepage: the header section and the space immediately below it. T...

Top 7 tips for beginners to be successful in e-commerce

 by brian on 11 May 2012 |
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The term ‘success in business’ is an ambiguous one. Jack might be happy by simply making a profit, but Jill might only be satisfied with a few million in her pocket. Whatever your understanding is of success and however long it takes you to get there...

Ipad 3 Video Contest Announcement

 by brian on 13 Apr 2012 |
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In case you missed it, Ashop recently ran a video competition where the major prize was a new Ipad 3. Below is the winners announcement!   We'll try to get a pic up soon with the winner sporting his new toy.   

Google Analytics Integration and Conversion Tracking

 by ryan on 21 Feb 2012 |
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We all know how important it is to track and analyse your site traffic, but it's not always so easy to set it up.   This is where Ashop Commerce Google Analytics integration comes in. It's a few very simple steps to enable tracking from both your A...

The Laws of Persuasion in Action

 by brian on 16 Jan 2012 |
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Robert Cialdini's Laws of Persuasion in Action. Every business owner wants to know what their customers are thinking when looking at their store or products. Cialdini provides a nice summary of how customers think and what actions your business ca...

Google+ Pages for businesses just released

 by ryan on 15 Dec 2011 |
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Only a week ago, Google finally announced Google+ Pages for your business, which will allow businesses to connect with people from their personal profiles... which is essentially the same in how your Facebook Fan page has been helping you connect wit...

Ashop Commerce Partner Program Release

 by brian on 18 Nov 2011 |
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We're very excited to release the new Partner Program to All Ashop Commerce customers and digital agencies. What is the Partner Program? The Partner Program offers a hefty 30% commission (Recently upped from 20%) on the monthly fees from any ne...

Upgrade to V3

 by brian on 13 Oct 2011 |
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We’re pleased to announce, on the 6th of October 2011, Ashop Commerce has completed an upgrade to V3. Major versions are updated based on the scale of work to the system. For example, this version comprises not only of a few additional features, ge...

Part 3: How can I utilize images more effectively on my site?

 by ryan on 01 Sep 2011 |
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Images on custom pages   It’s surprising how the use of images on general custom informative pages can really satisfy different needs of visitors.    One of the most common examples is a contact us page. If you’re a retail store, try placing Google...

Part 2: How can I utilize images more effectively on my site?

 by brian on 01 Sep 2011 |
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Product page images Your product page is your final chance for the big sell, so don’t let it slip away through carelessly placed product images.   A product image should; Cover all angles that matter Have clarity and quality Be si...
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